Extraction Hood Extinguishing Systems

Extraction Hood Extinguishing Systems

Portfolio Description

Fire extinguisher is not included in the Cabinet Set.

Used Hose

TS EN 671-1 Semi-hard hose reel for fixed fire extinguishing systems

More Information
• Higher degree of protection
• Developed equipments
• Developed elasticity of flexure
• 24 h protection
• A fire is indicated by the manual action system; breakout for the protection and perception system
• Effective fire extinguishing gas, high pH formula
• Set-up 100% tested, mechanical check head and cylinder valve Manuel aktivasyon butonu
• DVL-0101, DVL-0102, DVL-0103, DVL-0104 upgraded extinguishing capacity
• Optimum detection with different temperature options
• 4 different nozzles. Special covers to prevent contamination and seizure.
• Chrome nozzle and nozzle
• Large coverage with 5, 10, 15 and 20 flow cylinders.
• Observing the system status with the pressure gauge on the cylinder top