The modern commercial kitchens serve up a host of fire hazards due to accumulation of flammable grease on kitchen equipments and high temperature in environment.

Ventilating systems deposit grease from cooking vapors throughout the hood, filters, and ducts. Electric power and gas services increase the risk of fire and, thus, should be switched off before beginning fire. A YANGIN’s fire extinguishing system inside hood protects all different areas of risk and provides all additional functions.


Automatic detection and activation management provides 24 hours protection.

In addition of fire detection, you can activate the system manually thanks to a special system of manual activation.

The most effective agent in fire extinguishing industry. Thanks to high pH formula it extinguishes fire and prevents reignition.

Steel cylinders under pressure are always ready to discharge the fire extinguishing agent in case of fire.

Pressure transducer on the cylinder of fire extinguishing agent provides visual control.

100 % installed and tested control block ensures safe operation of the input and output functions.

Installation will be made without disturbing the workflow of your kitchen due to the flexible pipe configuration.

Protective chrome cover protects nozzle from clogging by dirt and grease, providing discharge of gas without interruption.

Nozzles’ cover are removing and don’t interrupt the discharge of fire extinguisher.

A YANGIN’s fire extinguishing systems are available in various sizes to suit your needs.

In system designing we take into account the possible changes and expansions of your kitchen.

Design, installation and maintenance of A YANGINs system into hood are carried out by our trained and certified technicians.

Design of hood systems, scale drawing of kitchen layout is based on the norms of NFPA (96 and 17A) and UL300 standards.

The system is activated by detectors inside hood or by manual activation button, installed on the evacuation routes, and extinguishes the fire discharging the wet chemical extinguishing agent that does not harm the environment where were discharged.

Extraction Hood Extinguishing Systems

Fire extinguisher is not included in the Cabinet Set. Used Hose TS EN 671-1 Semi-hard hose reel for fixed fire extinguishing systems