The services business unit concentrates on maintenance services offers on site assistance and long-term service agreements. During the years DUSARA FIRE PROTECTION Fire has developed a wide range of supporting services aimed at maximizing efficiency, safety and operational lifetime of its fire suppression systems & equipment. End users who have joined DUSARA FIRE PROTECTION Fire service programs protect their assets, extend their system warranty, monitor and keep their investment running securely while reducing downtime and production losses., Skilled engineers cover all the required fire suppression and F&G detection systems with skill and expertise in order to deliver to our customers a full service coverage.


When customers select us for their fire protection requirements consideration must also be given to the extended service possibilities that they gain…

Spare parts

Spare parts are a vital part of any system. there may be several manufacturers of equipment who do not always keep in list for trouble free operation.


Training sessions are normaly given to owners for their first system and include overview of the system architecture, troubleshooting instructions….

Upgrading Solutions

The upgrading solution is a service offered to those clients who wish to make variations, modify or improve an existing fire & gas or fire suppression system. 


Fire protection systems such as foam, Carbon Dioxide, Inert & Halocarbons gases, and Water Spray require some specialist testing.

Remote Monitoring & Diagnostic

Some fire detection or firefighting solutions are proposed with remote diagnostic capabilities…