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Today, the most feared risk classes are earthquakes and fires. In fires, building strength, human evacuation flow and controlling the areas where the fire is dispersed are vital.

Fire doors should be used to control the fire or to keep it at a certain point until the fire is intervened. Fire doors are the doors that create barricades between the place and the safe areas in case of fire, are specially produced according to the types of fire and provide the safety of the employees and the building and are resistant to high temperatures. The most important passive fire prevention is the fire doors which are vital for the safety of life and property.

BODY: 1,50mm-2mm sheet thickness, DKP, galvanized or stainless steel, adjustable full frame and corner type half frame is produced in two different types.

WING, 0.8MM 1.2 mm sheet thickness DKP, galvanized or stainless steel, single wing and double wing options are produced.

PAINT: electrostatic powder coating.

WICK: Intumescent wick that closes gaps by expanding at 170 ° C.

ACCESSORIES: According to the project, panic bar, locked arm set, under the door automatic guillotine roving, hydraulic door closer, magnetic door holders.

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