Portfolio Description

Fire extinguisher is not included in the Cabinet Set.

Used Hose

TS EN 671-1 Semi-hard hose reel for fixed fire extinguishing systems

More Information
• It is used with 120 LT foam transporting reservoir, foam lance and generator.
• 2 "/ 2.5" foam generators and 2 "/ 2.5" foam lances are available on the foam truck.
• Foam car has a filling mouth with rubber cover with a diameter of 80 mm.
• Foam generator is capable of foaming at 200 lt / min.
• Polyester storage yellow, metal parts are black electrostatic powder painted.
• There is a proportional foam generator between% (1-6) above the foam generator.
• There is a 40mm rubber stopper for foam suction hose on the foam truck.
• At the bottom of the polyester reservoir there is a ½ "yellow blind receptacle drain.
• The foam truck has air mushroom made of deep-drawn material to prevent damage to the store when vacuum is applied.
• The case of the polyester storage trolley is made of 40x40 mm angle bracket.
• The holding-carrying strap of the polyester tank car is made of pipe with a diameter of 26 mm and thickness of 2 mm.
• The foam generator provides a mixture with the vacuum system and forms a water + foam mixture at the rate of% (1-6) indication.
• Between 6-8 bars, there is a shot distance of 15-20 meters.
• Foam storage is polyester and there is no corrosive effect.
• There are 2 top 2 "/ 2.5" hose sections on either side of the polyester reservoir.
• Foam car has TS 9222 certified 20 mt 2 ball 2 "/ 2.5" white cloth fire hose.
• 2 "/ 2.5" record and 2 "/ 2.5" aluminum clamps with TS 12258 certified on the hoses.
• It can be easily moved with the carriage car and the fire is intervened in a short time.
• Width: 56cm, Length: 100cm, Height: 106cm, Empty Weight: 38kg