Portfolio Description

Fire extinguisher is not included in the Cabinet Set.

Used Hose

TS EN 671-1 Semi-hard hose reel for fixed fire extinguishing systems

More Information
• NANOFIREX NON-INFLAMMEABLE 2000C based on inorganic resin,which produce combination properly with natural-inorganic compound and filling materials,both penetrate into the applied surface and give a chemical  reaction with applied  surface,is water-based paint with superior properties.
• NANOFIREX NON-INFLAMMEABLE 2000C does not form an organic film layer(Shell) like the classic Wall paints on concrete surfaces and it becomes integrated with the floor with the fusion reaction so that it provides more durable and long lasting clean facades.
• NON-INFLAMMEABLE 2000C based compeletely natural raw materials which is not in table,melting,blistering,cracking and spill smokes,whereas organic resin added paint catches fire and releases poisonous gases. NON-INFLAMMEABLE 2000C has high water vapor permeability. Since the dampness of the underlying damp concrete is very fast,the concrete always be dry.
• Because of hte dryness of the concrete,it prevents water droplets from forming due to sweating on the surfaces and does not allow the formation of moss,algae,and therefore bacteria. This leads to a hygienically clean and healthy environment. On the other hand,?t has hydrophobic specifitaion which,thanks to silicones,prevents pollution and corrosion of paint.
• NON-INFLAMMEABLE 2000C is not damaged by UV rays of the sun. NON-INFLAMMEABLE 2000C is resistant to weather conditions,acid rain and industrial pollution.
• Conventioanl paints can be removed with organic solvents. However,NON-INFLAMMEABLE 2000C cannot be removed by solvents,?t becomes a parts of the concrete.
• NON-INFLAMMEABLE 2000C is applicable to buildings with high concrete surface and high risk of burning are required in modern architecture,exterior and interior applications,tunnels,brideges,silos,agricultural enterprises,warehouses,residences,hotels,entertainmen places,cold storage warehouses,military facilities,bedrooms,armory,dormitories,nursey and kid’s rooms,in hygenic places like hospitals.