Semi Rigid Spool Hose

Semi Rigid Spool Hose

Portfolio Description

Fire extinguisher is not included in the Cabinet Set.

Used Hose

TS EN 671-1 Semi-hard hose reel for fixed fire extinguishing systems

More Information
Usage Area
  • Industrial public and fire brigades
  • In construction and mining engineering applications
  • Agricultural practices and irrigation
  • Military institutions
  • Robust, durable and lightweight physical structure
  • Resistant to UV rays, ozone and weather
  • Flexible and easy to use
  • Primer option to provide flexibility at very low temperatures
Woven Layer
  • Round form supported by high-strength industrial polyester weft mono-filament yarn
  • Double or triple warp weaving
  • Inner Coating Layer
  • Specially formulated thermo-rubber, TPE or EPDM rubber
  • Reduces friction loss and provides strong adhesion to the woven surfac